October 28, 2013

Real UnliCHAT Experience with Globe’s GoUnli30

If you're an extrovert/friendly person (like me), you probably have way too many contacts on your phone from different networks that registering for an "unli to one network only" wouldn't really be enough! I tried it once and it didn't really help me save money, it just made me spend more. I roughly send a hundred text text messages a day (yup texting is like facebook chat to me). Plus, you also need some extra load for calls. Texting is fine but sometimes I prefer calling my friends for that real time chikkas and gossips. And of course you also need it in case of emergencies. 

And if you do not notice, we are currently living in a world where social chat apps are a must in our everyday lives. If you can't say everything in a text message, you will need to use viber or wechat for that long conversations and updates! Sadly, wifi is not available at all times so the question is this: how will we be able to maximize our load, save money and still keep in constant touch with our peers?

Behold, Globe's GoUNLI30 & UNLICHAT25!

With GoUNLI30, subscribers get unlimited texts to all networks, unlimited calls to Globe/TM, and unlimited chat with the best messaging apps like Viber, Kakao Talk, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and the telco’s very own messaging app GMessage without the need for Wi-Fi or additional data charges. Available for only P30 valid for 1 day, GoUNLI30 gives you no excuse to stay out of the loop and connect with more than 1 billion users around the world regardless of mobile network or location.

Go all-out unlimited with GoUNLI30 and UNLICHAT25 now. Register by dialing *143# and then choosing GoSAKTO on your Globe mobile phone or texting GOUNLI30 or UNLICHAT25 to 8888

So what are you waiting for? Register to GoUNLI30 and UNLICHAT25 now na!

March 29, 2013

iRepublic Launches its Newly Designed Website

Hi guys! Long time no blog! I've been a bum for months now and have been engaging in some activities outside the net world- jogging, badminton and finding a job/career. Anyhoo! I'll make a new post regarding my everyday life these past few months (if anyone cared). But for now I just want to say that I missed writing here in my online journal. I can't believe that this blog is up for a year now! (woohoo) Thankful to all who still read my blog (despite the lack of spice and updates!). I am planning to have my own domain some time this year and fortunately found iRepublic.

iRepublic recently launched its new website which is more interactive and user-friendly. If you're like me who is a noob with website builders and sorts, then this is probably the one for you! What's more, it allows users to click through the images and try out the demo.

iRepublic is the first Do It Yourself website builder in the Philippines. with over 200 professionally designed templates and over 85,000 images. What's great about it is that you can customize your webpage to fit your needs and style. The iRepublic DIY builder was designed to empower people and bring affordable websites to your fingertips.

Ever dreamt of having your own website (www.YOU.com) ? Well, for as low as Php300/month, you can have your own domain name and 5 email accounts. Building your own website is easy as 1-2-3! Just choose from the pre-designed templates, personalize it using the easy drag and drop interface, add-on extra features, and you’re all set! 

iRepublic is the brainchild of Tridel Technologies, Inc., the pioneer Internet Service Provider in the Philippines launched in 1996. Tridel Technologies, Inc. is also behind well-known service brands such as iManila, Virtual Asia and Compass Internet.
  Tridel Technologies is a company based and registered in the Philippines.
  For more information, visit http://irepublic.ph

March 7, 2013

Live Your Style with adidas NEO

They say you are what you wear-and I think that it is absolutely true! You can get a glimpse of what a person is like by looking at his/her clothes. A guy wearing an outfit such as a white shirt, denim pants and a pair of sperry top-siders would tell you that he is has a laid back character. A girl with tons of accessories would mean that she is very keen on details (and kikay!). You will never see a conservative girl in short skirts or low cut tops/dresses and the like. (Do you get what I mean? xD). We all have a style of our own/our own personal taste which expresses who we are, what we feel or what we want others to perceive us.

As for me, I have a very playful and fickle-minded personality and I tend to stress that with my own style. Rainy days make me emotional so I tend to wear dark colors (especially black and grey)from head to toe. Yes I'm emo like that. On sunny/summery days, I like to wear bright colored outfits (sometimes floral) and other times I just mix and match the clothes that I have in my closet (experiment experiment experiment!). Styling is like art and your body is the canvass. You express what you feel or think with the clothes that you wear. Your style could come from a lot of inspirations around you (from your friends, celebrities, magazines etc.) Explore different styles and never forget to have fun! And remember: you don't have to buy the latest trends just to fit. Never pressure yourself with society's standards. Just be yourself! ;)



Embrace fun, spontaneity and the unexpected twists in fashion when the adidas NEO Label Spring 2013 collection hits stores in January to March.
Living a carefree journey that lets teens make their own style, NEO will capture attention with unique and innovative fashion and design twists on Spring merchandise. Products have multiple purposes or added value.
NEO will release a fresh product offering each month, spotlighting a fashion trend interpreted in a different way. In March patterns are the highlight, featuring vibrant waves of colour, with subtle patterns that appear to be one thing but on close inspection reveal another. These will include camouflage prints and edgy takes on adidas NEO slogans with a focus on windbreakers and shirts. Sporty, street and lifestyle footwear silhouettes with strong colour and graphic links create the look.
NEO footwear is available in SM and select Robinson’s Department Stores nationwide.

February 27, 2013

Botan Bubble Tea & Cafe

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to share with you this food event that I attended last month. The food tasting took place at a cute Taiwanese cafe called Botan Bubble Tea & Cafe.  Botan is a flower from Taiwan that symbolizes health, wealth and luck ;)

The cool thing about Botan is that it is an underground cafe. It took me awhile to find the place since I was expecting that I would see it through the cab's window. Thank goodness I looked beneath the Botan sign to see a hidden stairs leading to the cafe. The place is quite big and spacious. It has a very warm ambiance thanks to those yellow lights. The interiors were simple yet sophisticated and very tidy. The bathroom is beyond compare (felt like a queen)!

We were first asked to pick our drinks and I must say that they have the most unique choices of drinks that I have ever encountered in my life. They have a wide variation of milk teas and slushies. I surprisingly opted for a strawberry ole (yes I sacrificed wintermelon milk tea for this lol).


Reminds me of Hachiko for some reason xD




love their lights!


Spotted Vivi Mags! :D




I wish my bathroom was like this!  

Two fave models: Arisa Yagi and Lena Fuji ! 


Strawberry Ole (P155)

~big serving- I wasn't even able to finish this drink (sob)
~reminds me of monami candy (I was literally singing the monami song when I drank this)
~creamy but not too sweet and there were also bits of strawberries which made this drink even more refreshing

Fried Pork Blood/ Mixed Adobo Platter (P99 / P180)

~betamax as we call it!
~very crunchy and well cooked- it was not oily at all& the seasoning added flavor to the dish
~the mixed adobo platter consists of eggs, bean curd, meat coated with adobo sauce which was very scrumptious!

Sweet Pepper Corn (P99)

~the corn is boiled into a crisp texture lavishly covered in pepper
~very spicy in a delicious way of course (from the girl who loves spicy things)

String Beans & Sweet Potatoes (P89)

~a bit overcooked since the vegetables were saggy and too soft for my liking
~graciously sprinkled with their spicy seasoning which made the dish a bit betterdespite the vegetables poor quality
~the potatoes are infused with sweet and spicy seasoning which were really good!

Original Waffles With Syrup (P180)

~the dough was very rich and heavy- I think this alone is good for 2 
~too dry and hard to eat- I hope they do something about this problem
~it's very crucial and important that the waffle is in good/high quality condition (i think). If the waffle ain't good, the syrups won't matter anymore (ghetto)

Season Fruits Waffle (P220)

~served with fresh fruits! 
~the presentation was very enticing but like the previous served waffle, the waffles are not in good condition (too dry!)
Ba-Kih Noodles Soup (P180)

~and this is where the quote "don't judge a book by its cover" can be applied. It may look really simple on the outside (i literally thought these noodles were just poured with water and dumped with a bit of meat) but once I tasted it AHH GIMME MORE!
~noodles were half cooked and the soup was palatable 

Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet (P230)

~the fish had a very soft texture, I had that "melts in your mouth not in your hands" feeling when I had this
~the sauce was exquisite! it added flavor to the fish
~something to look forward to when you go to Botan

Chicken Chop Sandwich (P220)

~big serving! 
~the chicken was flavorful and not too oily 
~mixed with fresh vegetables
~the bread was semi toasted (not too hard nor too soft)
~a very healthy meal!

Thick Toast
~the bread was very soft and doughy
~the chocolate spread went well with the peanut butter spread
~you can choose 2 different flavors for this toast : chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry or butter biscuit
Sausage Fried Rice (P180)

~something similar to yang chow rice only better!
~the dish was flavorful and scrumptious-definitely a must have!

Kung-pao Chicken Rice (P210)

~tender and juicy chickens lusciously dipped in savory sauce
~comes with mixed vegetables

Minced Adobo Pork Rice (P165)

~a very scrumptious meal indeed. I like the fact that they dried out most of the oil from the pork
~the amount of pork is proportional to the amount of rice served -yay!
~the side dish (mixed vegetables) complemented the minced adobo pork

Pork Chop Noodle Soup (P200)

~the pork chop had a distinct taste that is incomparable with our typical pork chop (kudos to their flavorsome seasoning)
~the soup was delectable which made the entire dish more scrumptious
~the perfect meal to have during rainy days ;)

All in all the food here is great and it is surprisingly affordable. The place is very comfortable as well. I super love their magazine collection (they have updated Vivi and Jelly magazines here!) plus there's free wifi! It is a must to try out all their drinks since it is their specialty. You might want to try out their Ba-Kih Noodles and Porkchop Noodle Soup when you come and visit! This is probably one of my favorite to go places in Makati especially when I just wanna relax and chat with my friends. :)

Special thanks to Khaezel from Openrice for inviting me here! I really enjoyed it! <3

Botan Bubble Tea House & Cafe is located at Basement 1, West of Ayala Condominium, 252 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City, Makati, 1200
(02) 823 6888 / (02) 856 0142